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And the best American movie President is…

September 5, 2011


Now that’s a dude who could solve a freakin’ debt crisis. Swell voting and God bless America.

– Harrison Ford, Air Force One: 13 votes
– Bill Pullman, Independence Day: 9 votes
– Terry Crews, Idiocracy: 8 votes
– Michael Douglas, The American President: 6 votes
– Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon: 6 votes
– Leslie Nielsen, Scary Movie 3 & 4: 6 votes
– Kevin Kline, Dave: 4 votes (AWESOME President)
– Jeff Bridges, The Contender: 3 votes
– Morgan Freeman, Deep Impact: 2 votes
– Jack Nicholson, Mars Attacks: 2 votes
– Robert V. Barron, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: 2 votes (very wise man)
– Morgan Freeman: Deep Impact: 2 votes
– Donald Pleasance, Escape from New York: 1 vote (hard to recover after The Duke makes you look like a total bitch)
– Other: 1 vote for Billy Bob Thornton in Love Actually (what a douche!), 2 votes for Martin Sheen in The West Wing (different medium, awesome President), 1 vote for James Naughton in First Kid (sure, why not?), and 1 vote for “Pedro – Because voting for him will make all of your wildest dreams come true:)” (kid would have made a fine President).

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