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And the REAL best picture of 1998 was…

April 24, 2011


Man, what a FUBAR call on the Academy’s behalf. 1998 will always be a mystery to me, but hey, at least us moviegoing folk know what’s up.

Good voting, ya’ll. Shakespeare never really did it for me either.

Saving Private Ryan: 14 votes
The Thin Red Line: 5 votes
The Truman Show: 5 votes
American History X: 3 votes
Life is Beautiful: 2 votes
Out of Sight: 1 vote (probably would have been my vote)
Shakespeare in Love: 0 votes (word)
Elizabeth: 0 votes
A Simple Plan: 0 votes
Bulworth: 0 votes
Gods and Monsters: 0 votes
– Other: 1 vote for Happiness (good times) and 1 vote for The Big Lebowski (damn, good call).

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  1. April 29, 2011 4:16 pm

    Without a doubt. Although I thought Thin Red Line might garner more votes.

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