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And the best rapper-turned-actor is…

November 2, 2009


Wasn’t a whole lot of competition here, but who cares, everybody give it up for The Fresh Prince! Even in this new Willennium we’re living in, few things in life ring truer than how parents just don’t understand. Amen to that.

Will Smith: 11 votes
Mark Wahlberg (aka: Marky Mark): 8 votes
Snoop Dogg: 1 vote
Eminem: 0 votes (please, don’t stand up)
LL Cool J: 1 vote (at least one lady out there loves cool James)
Mos Def: 4 votes
Ice Cube: 1 votes
Queen Latifah: 8 votes (looks like we got some Last Holiday fans out there)
Other: 2 votes – one for “Tone Loc and Ice-T…obviously” (good choice) and “Shannon Burks” (I have no idea who that is, but she is still better than Eminem)

This poll has been Carlton approved.

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