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Drag Me To Hell (2009)

May 30, 2009

8/10 Hemorrhaging Nosebleeds

Went to see this yesterday with my good buddy Fred, and what a freaking time it was.

Drag Me To Hell is about a female loan officer that denies the ugliest gypsy woman alive a loan on her house in order to move up in the workplace…and subsequently gets a demonic curse put on her soul as a result. Karma’s a bitch.

After seeing all of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies (which are all great, by the way), I had a pretty good idea of what I was going into. The thing with Raimi and horror movies is that they’re not so much scary as they are “nightmare thrill rides” per-se. He isn’t so much aiming to make a movie that will scare the shit out of his audience as he is to give them a wild, visceral, in-your-face time and then give it a title that implies it’s the most horrifying thing ever created.

Drag Me To Hell is essentially two hours of the main character being terrorized by evil spirits in more bizarro ways than you could ever imagine, and for people like myself, that kind of stuff can be scary. Then again, I’m a bitch when it comes to horror movies. But for people like my buddy Fred who isn’t frightened by things that can’t actually happen, the experience was hardly frightening.

Doesn’t mean you’ll be scared by the movie or not, but that’s kind of the point. Even if this movie doesn’t scare you, it’s a fun, fun, fun, fun movie allf the same. It’s damn gross at times but it’s always goddamn hilarious in a “Did I really just see that?” kind of way.

The story’s not very deep, it’s all pretty predictable, and the acting suffices. But it’s the writing and the great directing that really makes Drag Me To Hell as awesome as its title. One of those instances where you really start to notice and appreciate how directing makes a difference in the way stories are told through movies. Just another reason to check it out.

Look, if you know and love the Evil Dead movies, then go see this already, dammit. But even if you just like enjoying yourself when you go to the movies and need an excuse to not get roped into seeing Terminator Salvation, then please see this movie. I’d see this again in a heartbeat.

The moral of Drag Me To Hell: Don’t be greedy and DO NOT fuck with gypsies.

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